Friday, March 4, 2011

Who says Mormons cant have fun?!

Everyone always says that Mormons dont know how to have fun. Man, do they have alot to learn! I think Mormons can have just as much fun as anyone.(: And I have proof of some of the fun times we've had. Without getting drunk, high, or sleeping around.(:

You see, we can spend hours in wal-mart. i mean HOURS. Doing stuff that to you, would probably seem stupid. but to us, its the funnest thing.(:

Sometimes, in life, you just gotta get out. and go do something a kid would do.(:
Sometimes for fun, we just go sit in the middle of the isles at wal-mart...and we scream random stuff. the reactions on peoples faces totally make our days. 
And sometimes we take pictures while laying in the middle of a street.!

Or we take fun, bumpy, wagon rides. where we spend the next hour trying to stop laughing so we can get the splinters out of our butts.

Or we yell and scream at the top of out lungs at football games. while checking out all the hot guys and picking which ones we think are the best from the team.

Or we go to concerts. and try not to let the drunks fall all over us.

Then there's always the four-wheeling. its the best. just the feeling of going fast, while every inch of you is getting covered in mud. and then losing feeling in your fingers...yeah. its great!

Or we take funny pictures while everyone stares at us like we are crazy

Then there are all the times we take pictures with signs. cant get enough of them.(:

or we dress up like freakin awesome hippies for halloween

Or we go on fun car trips with the music blasted!

Then we party it up on hotel balconies

Then we go to the parks at midnight and ride all the little kid rides. its amazing!

Then we drink capri suns and do our hair wild and take crazy pictures and record weird videos of us dancing to the music.

Or we make midnight trips to wal-mart just to try on guys' ties.(:
I could go on forever about all the things we do to have fun. I could posts millions of pictures. But just know....Mormons know how to have fun. Or atleast these ones do.(: