Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last Days with Tallin a.k.a Elder Lotu

So Saturday August 21st I got to spend with Tali at Ariels in Spring Creek, We had a blast! earlier that day I got to go to the Movies with Tallin for the last time before he left, and then hang out with him was so much fun but then i kept thinking of how this was one of the last days i got to spend with him! The Thursday before that i also got to play fugitive with him, and Kailee and Kassi and them, it was the first time i had ever played and it was SO MUCH FUN! haha. So Sunday the 22nd Tali and i got up and went to Ariels ward, then at 11 Tallin came and picked us up, to go to his ward for his farewell talk we got sucked into singing in the youth choir with him, it was amazing though and im so glad we did, when it got time for him to was an amazing talk, SO amazing..I cried like a freaking baby...then we went to class with Kailee and was the most interesting sunday school ever! The teacher told us if we didnt understand the plan of salvation we might as well shoot ourselves cause we have no purpose in life! Haha it was indeed and interesting class! Then we went over to his house to get ready for the dinner they were having for him that night, I LOVE the Church house! So we got to do all that fun stuff! We just hung out and laughed, played some volleyball, jumped on the trampoline, drove around, walked to the marina, and swung on the swings and just laughed. It was one of the greatest nights of my life! Even though i knew it was the last night i would spend with my best friend Tallin before he left to Fiji..It was a great time..we just talked and laughed and we all just had a good time:) The hardest part was the last hug when he dropped me off and said goodbye..i cried like a freaking baby! but im happy for him:)
On our way to Bree's house, Kassi was driving, we had the music blasted we just laughed the whole time! :)
Kailee!!!!!! Haha this girl makes me laugh!
Kassi and I, what a crazy driver! hahaha Just kidding!
Kailee showing off her stuff on out walk to the Marina
Our last group picture with Tallin

Tallin and I as we were dropping Tali off, we decided we needed to get some pictures.

Tallin and I, our last picture before he left for good, I miss this Elder..

So all in all, that sunday i will have to say was one of the happiest, sad, amazing, unbelievable, funnest days of my life, i got to spend it with the amazing Church family, and 4 of my best was the perfect goodbye for the next 2 years..:)