Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best Friends:)

So i have this friend, no..shes more than a friend, shes my BEST friend, Shes my Sister:) I laugh more with this girl than anyone else, she knows more about me than anyone else, probably even more than i know about myself, the first time i met this girl.. i wouldnt even talk to her..and now, when we are together we are like inseperable. we always tell eachother everything, and can spend hours on the phone everyday talking about life, and of course guys, we always laugh, and we have the best inside jokes, and more inportantly, we get eachother. We can walk to the park and spend hours just laughing and talking and taking a MILLION pictures, we always spend like 5 hours before each dance just to get ready, and we laugh and just dance and have fun, and when my mom lets me take the truck we even go driving like crazy teens, and we take a million pictures then to, and blast the music and make the car "dance". we can talk for hours on the phone, we have midnight phone calls when one of us cant sleep, and we talk about guys of whatever, and then theres the 3 way calls with guys just to make us happy, and the texting for eachother. Basically, all my good memories, i share with this girl, we are the best of friends:)