Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Me and Tali in the wild on our own for a Day =]

So, on Wednesday me and my best friend Tali took off into the wild on our own for the day:) We decided to go hiking up to lamoile lake, and it certainly was an adventure! We decided to be stupid and jump in the freezing water...needless to say we almost soon as we jumped in our bodies and muscles froze, we couldnt breathe hardly and as we tried swimming to the edge i seriously thought this was my last moment alive we were literally sinking! But in the end we made it! i could barely get out of the water..and us being stupid forgot towels so we had to air dry, i thought we were gonna freeze to death! But after everything..i would do it again...MAYBE:)

This is the lake we so stupidly jumped into..notice the snow!
One of the smaller lakes we passed on the way up
The view from half way up
So pretty:)
Me and my bestfriend in the WHOLE world, Tali:)
We spent a day in the wild, we talked alot and it made me realize just how much i love this silly girl! Shes more than a friend she is my sister:)