Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dance the night away:)

Well last night was the dance at the Egberts ranch, so Tali came over at 9 and we started getting ready..okay thats a lie we just laughed and got stuck in laundry baskets and blasted music until like 2 then we really started getting ready ha, anyways we finally somehow managed to get to the ranch without dying (long story haha) and i LOVE their ranch its SO beautiful:) The dance was good...not the best i've been to but it was good, towards the end i thought i was gonna pass out...Tali says it had to do with me being up for 42 hours straight, what a silly girl! :) haha but it was fun, i got to talk to alot of friends and see alot of hot guys so it was definately worth it:) Then Kassi and Kailee showed up, Kassi couldnt find a charging port hahahaha (inside joke) so then we decided next time there is lightning and thunder i am going to bring my bike out to their house and we're gonna go for a ride! Then Tali got to slap a guy for me..i felt bad he was in the middle of apologizing when Tali just comes up and slaps him! Poor guy...oh well haha, I was sad that my amazing friend Tallin did not get to come, he had work sadly! But its okay i bet they have killer dances in Fiji haha, not that he'll get to go to any since he'll be a missionary...but its a thought right? :) Then after the dance we had to stop at the loves gas station in Wells, so me and my brilliant friend Savanna decide to dance in the sprinklers, we got SOAKED. It was an amazing end to an amazing night:)