Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where did 2010 go??

This year has gone by WAYYYY to fast...i just cant believe it. Tali and I will be sixteen next year! And i have already started driving! I cant believe how time is flying by! Soon we're gonna be adults! I know, i am way behind on blogging, sorry! but here is a review, and some pictures from this year, only some, since i have like millions! (:

When you just have to get out, have a night of fun, and forget about the world...bestfriends are always there(:

Sometimes you just have to let go, and let your inner kid out. Its the best medicine sometimes(:

Dont let life get the best of you, get the best out of life(:

Sisters. (:

Football games are amazing(:

My best friend. My sister. There she is(:

Smile always, you never know who is falling in love with it! (:

Going four-wheeling, getting covered in mud, freezing, screaming, and just having a great time is the best medicine one can have.(:

Cousins. It goes Me, Jericho (my cousin) Vic, and Kayla.
I didnt really know Jericho until Tonya was gone...but we've become a part of eachothers lifes. She is one of my greatest friends, and we are sooooo much alike. We talk all the time, and she just understands, she is the greatest cousin one could ask for(:

Sometimes, you just gotta dance. This picture was taken at the Egbert Ranch Dance...i think one of the best ones yet(:

Spending time with friends and loved ones is the best thing you can do.. you can never spend to much time with someone.

Tallin. I miss this kid like crazy! He was the only one i could text at one in the morning, just cause i knew he'd be up! Or the one i could ask advice for on anything and he'd never hesitate to try to help. This was on the night we said our last goodbye for two years, he is now serving our Lord in Fiji, and he is probably one of the greatest missionaries ever,(:

Driving around, dancing in the car, blasting the music, all with your best friend, ya, its good for the soul.(:

Dont do drugs kids.(: or let friends take pictures of you passed out on an overdose of capri sun and the song Firework...(:

Sometimes you just have to let go. and not care what people will think or say.(:

Best friends can see beyond the fake smiles, and see the sadness in the eyes.

Riah. (:

Sometimes the nevada day parade can get a little wild..but hey, it was for a good cause! ;)

This year i have also found out that i want a cowgirl hat. BAD. I also want boots and a guitar. Guess it was bound to happen someday(:

Somedays we just go to seminary right from bed. just for fun. ya, be jealous(:

We are a thousand voices strong.(:


Kailee, she's all grown up and legal now.(:

When you get away, and just go into the wild for a day. You can finally realize just how happy one can truly be.(:

yess. we make random trips to wal mart at midnight just to try on ties, so what? (:

So this year 2010 has been a great one, and yess i am sad to see it end. But i am excited, and yes, scared to see what the future holds.(:


sarahm said...

Looks like you had tons of fun this year. However, since you are turning 16 in 2011 I bet it will be better!!

Marisha said...

Thanks! YES,i had TONS of fun this year! These pictures couldnt even begin to explain how much fun i had. But i have to agree, next year will be SOOOOOO much better!(: